Kanchanjunga Trekking in Nepal

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 Nepal Government had opened the Kanchanjungha area for trekkers in 1988, although people had trekked in the area in connection with mountaineering expeditions since the turn of the country. In fact the Kanchanjunga is very long way from kathmandu and the nearest roads and airports. You can trek either to the north or south Kanchanjunga base camp, but it takes long time to visit both sides.The northern side is particularly remote and takes two weeks of walking to get the base camp Pang Pema, from the Airport of Taplejung.




   The Kanchanjungha is the third highest mountain of the world situated on the far east Nepal border between Nepal and the Indian state Sikkim, so  to do the circuit trek of this mountain is administration ally impossible.The next best alternative way is to visit both the north and south sides of the mountain from the Nepal side. you have to cross the high pass so that you have  to be well equipped for it. Then Have a minimum of four weeks to spare. Unless you have at least  four weeks to spare and preferably five weeks, you should plan to visit either the northern or southern base camp, not both if you can get to Taplejung by either air or road  the trek can be shortened by several days.The  treks described here would be probably need  to be extended by a few days because of some difficulties may happened, weather or need for some rest days etc.

 The Kanchanjungha region is a home area of the Kiranti people Limbus and The Rais which are the indigenous and long time ruler in Nepal before the hindu Aryan intering to Nepal ,mainly the Limbus dominated region east of the Arun River, so the  culturally they are quite a rich in Nepal.

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