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We are the people of the Himalayan country Nepal. Nepal is situated on the lap of the High Himalaya, between China, in the North 75 times and India in the south, west and east 22, times bigger in size, it is a land locked mountainous country and a richest in the world for its natural and cultural beauty, because of the high Himalaya and  it's unique bio diversity.Most part of the land of Nepal is covered from the Hills and high mountains therefore a part of the population of Nepal is in the mountain and hilly regions, where we are come from.

We are a great and succeed trekking team of Nepal originally come from the mountains and hilly regions of Nepal, have been working in the tourism of Nepal for many years,as the  trekking Sherdar,Guides, porters,climbing guides sherpas etc, that we had been working through different trekking companies and individually. But now we have found a great team with our knowledge and experiences with great purpose of empowering and employing the youths of Nepal in the nation, and serving our respected clients,working in sharing basis under a high responsible fully legal trekking company- Brave Heart Himalaya Treks,Pvt,Ltd, with our high responsibility,honesty and dedication to you.

We born, played and grown up in the high mountains and the hilly regions along with our typical different cultures, so naturally we have a great friendship with our nature and cultures, we have learnt a best practical lessons from them,so that we claim that we are only the people worth to be trekking guide,sherdar, climbing guide, and the porters  in the mountains. our humble request to you, please let us serve you once for your great experience in Nepal.


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