Ilam Tea Garden Tour

Situated between the alleviation ranging from 140m to 3,636m above the sea level, Illam is one of the untouched destinations for tourists. Famous for tea production, Illam is a small hill town with pristine landscapes of sloped tea gardens, mountain streams, dense natural forests, holy sites and a unique culture. It offers a brisk walk in the tea garden, tranquil picnic and sightseeing stops, short treks along gentle slops, or a trudge into the nearby woods. The best time to visit time Illam is between October - December or from April - February. However, the subtropical climate of Illam ensures good weather throughout the year. Illam district is bordered by Jhapa in the south, West Bengal of Indial in the east, Panchthar in the north and Morang and Dhankutta districts in the west. The district lies to the south of Mahabharat range and west of the Shangrila range. The district is ragarded as one of the richest districts in Nepal in terms of its cultural diversity, natural landscape, and flourishing cash crops sector. Besides, it is also popularly known as the place of botanical and anthropological research. Brahmins and Chhetris are the dominant ethnic groups living in the area. One can find a Lepcha museum at Antu. No doubt, Illam reflects rich cultural and social heritages of people living in harmony.

Shree Antu (2,328m) offers spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset over the estern himalayas. Situated at a distance of 3 hr. drive from Illam Bazaar, Shree Antu aslo offers home-stay facilities. Similarly, Maipokhari is another attraction of this trek. Popularly recognized as a religious and historical spot, Maipokhari (2,121m), a pristine lake surrounded by dense forest of fir, juniper, birch, pine and a variety of flora and fauna is considered as the sacred abode of Goddess Bhagawati.In the same way, Kanyam and Fikkal hold good recognision for making Illam famous for tea production across the country. Likewise, Siddhi Thumka (1,800m) has also gained its fame for offering excellent views of sunrise and sunset from its height. It is about 3 hrs. trek from Illam Bazaar. Chhintapu (3,353m) is another attraction of Illam. It is the second highest peak in Illam district. It is also rich in terms of floral and faunal diversity. It is the home of 11 varieties of rhododendron, rare berbs, endangered species of animals like the musk deer and red panda. Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world can also be clearly viewed from Chhintapu. The temples and pilgrimage sites such as Gajur Mukhi, Sanu Pathibhara and Mai beni have also added additional decoration to Illam. Similarly, Mangmaling and Sandakpur are also the names to be pronounced when we talk of Illam tourism.

This small but beautiful destination can be reached directly from Kathmandu by bus. We can also use aeroplane up to Bhadrapur from Kathmandu and take bus or car from there. Besides, Illam can also be reached via. Pashupatinagar, the Nepal- India boarder of Illam district.

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